IHSA Zone 3 Region 2


Spring Telecon Minutes:

Western Shows
2/13:  Western Shows hosted by PSU
3/5:  **Western Regionals held at Saddlebrook Equestrian Center (hosted by the Region)
3/19:  Semi-Finals @ Findlay, Ohio
5/5-8:  Nationals @ Kentucky Horse Park

** Remember that the Regional first & second place results will only be announced as "riders qualified for SemiFinals" at Regionals.  The actual Champion & Reserve placing's will be announced @ the Regional Banquet on 4/2/16 @ the Radisson)

Hunt Seat Shows:
3/12:  Shippensburg:  Swan Lake
3/26:  BCCC / LSU, GMU:  Hickory Run
4/2:  Regionals @ VFMAC (Banquet to follow @ the Radisson)
4/9:  BITS @ Dream Park (Exhibitors party to follow)
4/10:  Zones @ Dream Park
5/5-8:  Nationals @ Kentucky Horse Park

See www.ihsainc.com for more info!!!

Calendar for 2016-2017
Get dates to Wendy ASAP.
Wendy will send out a calendar...which dates can be western or hunt seat shows.  Trying to make things easier / more organized for everyone in the Region.
First come, first serve...let's try NOT to do back-to-back shows!!!
All show info & horse provider info MUST be to Wendy by September 1, 2016 or December 1, 2016 for the spring shows.

2016-2017:  There will be a "Coach's membership" $40, payment to the IHSA, Rule 1900 / 1901, along with the proof of professional liability insurance.  The coach's membership must be signed by the coach & Regional President. 

$$$:  All money from the fall semester must be to Wendy by February 20, 2016...in order to show this spring, all teams / riders must be in good standing.

Undergrad IHSA Rider ELIGIBILITY FORMS:  Spring Semester forms must be verified by your school's Registrar & turned in to Wendy before the first western or hunt seat show, whichever is first for your riders.  Registrar forms are online @ www.ihsainc.com and must be turned in...or else teams won't be able to show.

Coaches:  Clean up your riders online...www.ihsainc.com

Creative design for Nationals Program...for the regional advertisement...contact Wendy if you have any team members who are interested in putting together / designing the ad for the region.

Region 2:  $100 check or $100 worth of products needs to get to Wendy by March 26, 2016.  This is for Nationals.  Each team

Entry money needs to be in on time.  If your team isn't paid to the Regional President or have a letter of intent to pay / proof that your school is working on the check, then the team will be in bad standing & won't be able to show at the first show in the spring.  i.e.- show in the fall and you don't have your money in to the Regional President by 12/15, your team won't be able to show in the first show in the spring semester. 

April 11:  Deadline for Advertisements for Nationals.  Contact Wendy for the info, she can point you in the right direction.

Scholarships...make sure you check out the IHSA website for scholarships, etc.

AS OF REGIONALS:  Points stand...so you must let Wendy know if there are any hunt seat points questions, or let Joanne know if there are any western points questions.

If a rider rides in the wrong class, remember they will lose those points & the other riders will move up one place.  If that rider was used as a point rider, this will impact your team points. 

Suggestion was made to put together a list of judges that can be used for western shows.  A regional rule is in place that a "carded" judge must be used.  Joanne / Amber / Wendy will work on this. 

Western shows on 2/13:
6:00 am schooling horses will begin
8:30 am coach's meeting will begin


Contact list: Please contact Wendy Myers for changes/updates so she can update and have the official list available at the meeting. Once official, it will be posted on the website so everyone always has the appropriate list of emails when sending emails out to the whole region. 

Electronic payment accepted on IHSAinc.com: Some of you encountered this in the spring semester last year, but if you have not, it is official- you can now pay your individual membership online at IHSAinc.com rather than sending a check for individual memberships. There are two options, 1. each individual can pay on their own, or 2. The coach/team can collectively pay for multiple members at once. (When your team is registering be sure to check the box that allows electronic payment)


What is Zone 3, Region 2?

Zone 3, Region 2 is a group of colleges & universities (see list below) that compete in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Both Hunter Seat & Western divisions are offered in our Region, along with a VERY competitive Alumni Division!

You can check out the IHSA at www.ihsainc.com for more information, including a current rulebook.  Anyone who rides in the IHSA or is associated with it is encouraged to explore the IHSA website and especially read the rulebook!  Be sure to "LIKE" the IHSA on Facebook!!!

Are you interested in seeing more about our Region on the IHSA Facebook page?  We are looking for someone from our Region to submit show summaries to the IHSA!  Please contact Amber if you are interested! 


Teams in our Region:

Arcadia University, Bucks County Community College, Delaware Valley University, Franklin & Marshall College, Gwynedd Mercy College, LaSalle University, Penn State University - Berks Campus, Rider University, Rowan University, Susquehanna University, West Chester University and York College of Pennsylvania

Regional Contacts:

Wendy Myers- Hunter Seat Regional President, Hunter Seat Regional Points and Regional Paperwork

Joanne Coniglio- Website & Western Regional Points

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